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WEI Partnership Update

The students are making wonderful progress within Cherette and Gonaives — the two schools in Haiti that are funded by WEI partners' generous donations. Domestic missions convened a focus group to examine ways in which WEI may be able to provide assistance with the educational needs of foster children within Vallejo, California.

Thank you so much for your continued support! We implore you to continue and/or begin implementing the actions below to help ensure the continued success of WEI:

  • Continue sponsorship and regular donations
  • Encourage your respective network(s) to support WEI
  • Register with AmazonSmile, listing Water & Education International as your non-profit of choice! AND SHOP for gifts/products via AmazonSmile... Holidays are approaching!!
  • Donate via PayPal on the WEI Donation page

    A sponsor’s partnership with Water and Education International (WEI) is a simple yet profound concept. A single individual can make a difference, but when an individual joins with others the dynamics of the synergy yield immeasurable results. Partnership with WEI offers an opportunity where you can make a positive influence on the life of one or multiple children and a way for you to transform lives and help people develop in their own communities.

    WEI has been helping Haiti since 2007. In Gonaives, WEI financially supports over 300 school age children by building schools, providing education, installing free community wells, feeding families and providing disaster & emergency support during earthquakes, floods, and cholera outbreaks. WEI also sends mission teams each year for summer camp training.

    Haiti is the starting point for WEI. WEI’s global humanitarian work is not complete. There are millions that still require clean water, food, and education. This is a global problem and WEI’s mission is to change the world a little at a time. The global need for clean water, food and education is monumental. WEI cannot do this alone. That’s why we’re asking you to join WEI’s community of partners.

    WEI commits to being a good steward of all donations. As you donate to WEI, you can be assured that your money will be handled with integrity. In addition, your information will never be shared. WEI values your trust and wants you to understand that the information you give us is precious and protected. WEI will not share, rent or sell any of your information.

    As a sponsor who partners with WEI, you would commit to donating regular financial support to help meet the water, food and educational needs of the communities under WEI’s umbrella.

    WEI recommends one of the following monthly commitment levels:

    • $50/month
    • $100/month
    • Other monthly
    • One Time Donation

    Sponsors include:

    • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (Washington DC)
    • Exceptional Women of God Ministries
    • Revival Center Ministries
    • United Way

    Sponsors who partner with WEI are the heart of this organization. You can be assured that your donations are directly providing water, food, and education to a person who may not have received this opportunity without you. Together, we can do far more than any of us could ever do alone. Become a WEI partner today by filling out our form to get started.