Humanitarian Trip - July 2017

Humanitarian Trip

July 2017 Gonaives, Haiti

Gonaives, Haiti

Humanitarian Trip to Haiti

The 2017 Haiti humanitarian trip was very successful. The WEI team adapted well and did an outstanding job, so much so, that many compliments were shared by the communities served by the team.

When the team arrived in Port Au Prince, they immediately went to Haiti Tec, for a pre-arranged meeting with the students of the college, for one-on-one and group meetings to help the students with conversational English. This was WEI's second trip to Haiti Tec.

Rice and beans were purchased, bagged, and prepared for distribution. In addition, the team prepared the additional supplies that would be distributed during the various humanitarian services provided to the community of Gonaives.

WEI’s community partners also invited the team to attend local church services that included participation from approximately 150 Pastors.

Members of the team also provided hair cutting services and trained the team’s interpreter on how to cut hair.

A key activity during this humanitarian trip was WEI’s collaboration with another humanitarian group to host and provide a medical clinic, which included 4 doctors and several nurses who helped the doctors and ran the pharmacy. The medical clinic treated 707 patients during the entire week in Gonaives.

The WEI team was also instrumental is sponsoring various outreaches to the women, children and youth of the Gonaives community.

The 2017 Haiti humanitarian trip concluded with the team having a little rest and relaxation by visiting Cap Haitian (Citadel), which is considered to be one of the wonders of the world.

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