Donate an Item

Donate an Item and Support the Children


The items listed below are ongoing items for the children that WEI supports.

Please consider donating the items by completing the following:

  1. Shop online for the item(s) at AmazonSmile for WEI or at your favorite retailer (Walmart, Target, Costco, Walgreens, CVS, etc.) Alternatively, you can directly purchase and ship the item(s) directly to WEI per #2 listed below. Please include your name, mailing address, and a copy of your receipt in the packaging for your tax donation receipt.
  2. Have the item(s) shipped directly to WEI at:
    Water and Education International
    P.O. Box 1088,
    Vallejo, CA 94590

  3. Email your receipt to and WEI will email your tax donation receipt back to you.

Over the Counter Medications (CHILDREN & ADULTS)

Tylenol • Pepto Bismol • Imodium A-D • Cough Syrup
* Check expiration Dates. Customs will toss expired Medication

First Aid Items

Antibiotic ointments • Band-Aids • Alcohol Wipes • Small Fist Aid Kits

Toiletries (REGULAR SIZE)

Tooth Paste • Tooth Brushes • Mouthwash • Deodorant • Face Towels • Hand Sanitizers - liquid and wipes • Shampoo • Bar Soap

School Supplies

Pens • Pencils • Rulers • Pencil Sharpeners • Colored Pencils • Chalk for Blackboard

Toys for the Children

Black Barbie Size dolls • Hot Wheels size cars • Jump Ropes • Yoyos

Miscellaneous Items

Hair Barrettes and Knockers • Large Bandannas • Hair Ribbons • Combs and Brushes • Men's Ties • Handkerchiefs • Socks (Boys & Girls) • Christian Coloring Books

Sports Equipment

Basketballs (All balls need to be deflated) • Nets • Pumps • Soccer Balls
Should you choose to donate gifts in kind to an international location, please include the funds necessary to cover shipping and handling. If these fees are not included, WEI reserves the right to re-direct in kind gifts to a WEI sponsored charitable project in the United States.