About WEI

Who WEI Are?


Welcome to Water and Education International!

WEI is a global humanitarian organization that was founded and incorporated in 2007 by Ricky Nutt, a veteran school official. WEI is under the leadership and direction of Renee Box, President and Chief Executive Officer. WEI's driving purpose is addressing the need for safe water in developing countries and educational opportunities of the world. WEI also promotes wellness through health education.

The mission of WEI is to combat poverty and disease while promoting education, sustainability, wellness, and nutrition by providing safe water and educational opportunities to the underprivileged on the global community thereby improving their quality of life.

To carry out its mission, WEI identifies and partners with indigenous organizations while soliciting support of small businesses, churches, individuals, corporate and private entities.

What we do.


One of WEI's current goal is to complete the Humane & Environmental Latrine Project (HELP), a project that focuses on providing sanitary toilets to an area in Gonaives. In addition, in 2016 WEI will focus on completing the cistern, church extension, and community showers. Please visit WEI's projects for additional details.

Along with providing continued support to Haiti, WEI is preparing to also provide support to Mariano, Cuba Iglesia De Mariano. In addition, on the local front, the WEI volunteers are completing the preliminary planning for Reviving Our Community, an initiative that will focus on fostering improved literacy in Solano County, California.

WEI truly appreciates your support. Please know that your continued financial support is positively impacting global communities on a daily bases. Together, we are changing lives for the better, one person at a time.